Graphic Design


Graphic Design

Open SAE Recyclean Iniative images

Kenny Mac Adventures

Kenny Mac is someone who, well, goes on adventures. I helped design the logo for his website as well as some matching icons.

SAE Recyclean Initiative

This was a group project done with a colleague. We had to design a brand identity for a hypothetical recycling program for the SAE Byron Bay campus.

This project gave me the opportunity to dust off my 3D modelling skills to do some product design. That was by far my favourite part of the project.

Open Brand Identity

Brand Identity

This was an assignment to produce a consistent brand identity for a hypothetical business. I chose to design for a bird rescue organisation based in the Northern Rivers. As the Northern Rivers has a large ageing population, I decided to use the multi-coloured stripe motif that was present in a lot of 70s design.

Feast For The Forest

Feast For The Forest is a hypothetical gala charity dinner for Bornean orangutans. I did the illustrations and the poster design.

External link to App Prototype

App Prototype

A prototype for a birdwatching app based on Birds in Backyards. This was mostly an exercise to learn how to use Adobe XD.